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Siappa V24

SiappaV24 Revamped to SMS Puch-Tech & Listing function.
Siappa is now bridged to PropTech.Amicus.SG for listing. Special offer $1K per account. All credits and 1 year.

NEW Project Launches!!

Introducing NEW projects packed with analytics and useful information.

1) FREE subdomain website with your contact, 2) Real-Time Analytics, 3) Individual floorplans, 4) Project details, 5) Project photo gallery and 6) Add your own video

Click here for sample of project website (eg; NORMANTON PARK). Click here to check project list.


To bring to our clients the highest Return On Marketing Investment through the use of Push Technology Delivery Systems (PTDS) and Prescoped/Prescored Marketing (PPM), by Accurate GeoFencing and Prescripting the target market. As Singapore foremost Information Technologists, we bring forth Data OmniChannels Technology Solutions (DOTS) with our vast databases to every business in Singapore.

Home Owners

Data from legal documents lodged by purchasers with the Singapore Land Authority (Caveats).

Business Owners

Over 400K Business Information Collated.

Profile Targetting

Empowers Agents on Profile Targetting.

DNC Scrubbed. PDPA Compliant

All Data are prescored and prescoped!



Our team of Highly Skilled Programmers, Information Technologists and Data Scientists engineered AMICUS Information Technology Platform to Predictive and Prescriptive levels.

AMICUS Prescriptive Platform can proudly claim to be the one and only such platform in Singapore.

Reach Out To Property Owners

You can reach out by SMS Marketing to different type of property owners.


You can reach out by SMS Marketing to Condominium, Apartment and Executive Condominiums.


You can reach out by SMS Marketing to Landed, Good Class Bungalows, properties in Sentosa and Cluster Housing.


You can reach out by SMS Marketing to HDB and BTO.


You can reach out by SMS Marketing to all Commercial type, SME and Shophouse.

Profile Targetting

You can reach out by SMS Marketing to new customers by Demographics (Ageing, Gender...).


You can reach out by SMS Marketing to all Growing Affluent, Professional and Graduates.

Why choose us?

At SIAPPA, we take extra care to ensure you are able to find, target and reach the market you want and need, no fuss no muss. You never have to pay a premium for our service, and in return we offer you a fast, reliable system that guarantees you reach your market in minutes, without overly complicated procedures, needless technical jargon or a headache. Never pay to contact customers who will never buy, hit every potential customer every time, everywhere.

Easiest & Cost-effective

Keep it Simple with SMS Broadcasts and cost-effective way to reach new customers.

DNC Scrubbed. PDPA Compliant

Numbers Checked by Amicus Dncfilter 106 Million to date. Start from Jan-2014!!


SIAPPA uses Tier-1 Zero-Hop direct-link connections to SingTel, M1, Starhub and TPG's SMSC systems for performance and reliability that cannot be achieved by cheap overseas providers.


$ 1,090.00 w/GST ($1,000.00)

Prepaid Credits Per Annum

SMS Price List
Under 160 characters $ 0.30 per SMS
Between 161 and 306 characters $ 0.35 per SMS
SMS in CHINESE (Under 70 characters) $ 0.35 per SMS
Malaysia SMS (Under 160 characters) $ 0.20 per SMS
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